She becomes a sailboat again!

While we continue to peck away at the priority list, Shane is working at his “real” job. It can IMG_7885be hard to find a balance for both, but I think we are starting to get into the groove after a complete breakdown last week over the frustration of almost non-existent wifi at the new marina. We are located in what might be the very worst spot here. We’re across the street from Selfridge Army/ National Guard station and I’m pretty sure they’re monitoring everything we do which messes with the wifi, our data and the battery life in our devices! We burn through data and batteries like never before. We knew we’d be adjusting our daily internet habits when we decided to move onto the boat but we hadn’t anticipated that his working remotely would be impacted this much. So the balance continues and once mundane details in our day are now a top priority.

In the meantime, he’s been able to hoist both our mainsail and headsail this week with the help of my brother and sister-in-law who came out for a very welcomed visit! Brian was able to crank Shane up the mast and Annie was at the ready to get some great shots of the process! I’m guessing Shane would say that the event of finally becoming an official sailboat again was well worth the earlier wifi frustration. He was absolutely grinning from ear to ear! Their stay was short but we had a chance to catch up over dinner and sundowners and wave them off the next day on their way to pick up a new puppy!

Nothing ever seems to go as planned and thus far, I’ve not found that to be more true  than trying to accomplish things on a boat! With every two steps forward, there is at least one step back. For example, while Shane was up the mast, he’d installed some blocks to run the lines for our lazy jack (they help guide the main sail down when you are finished using it). When it came time to finish the installation, he had done a quick tie-off of the lines that he’d run up to that block and accidentally eased the knot when he stepped on it. The line proceeded to run up the mast, through the block and drop back down to the deck where we stood feeling immediate defeat. What was supposed to be a quick evening project, ended right then and there. He’d now have to climb back up the mast to run the line again. Lesson learned, different knot next time.

We were lucky enough to have another set of visitors this week. My parents came out to see what this boat life was all about. Never ones to sit around with nothing to do, they rolled their sleeves up and got to work helping to get things checked off the list. We introduced them to boat projects which are the opposite of quickly finished. In the end, we were certainly further along than when we started and greatly appreciated the help and company!

Not only were they able to experience boat work but we got to take them out for our first sail of the year, with new sails and rigging to boot! The winds were light but we had a chance to test out the new rig and marvel at just how well she sailed. Gliding along with nothing carrying you along but the wind is such a cool feeling!  I hope it never gets old.

Arguably, our favorite moment of their visit was the re-naming ceremony. We’ve been waiting for this for quite some time. We’d chosen her name but it was never mentioned in her presence. It’s been the one of the reasons that I’m so far behind with this blog. To write, I had to sit in the car… away from the boat… so as not to anger Poseidon by mentioning her intended name before we showed the proper respect.

In a nutshell, this is how it went. We purchased three bottles of the best Champagne our money could buy (had to set a budget for this one) and acquired an metal tag to write the current boat name on with washable pen/marker so that it can be thrown from the boat and disappear as it sinks to the bottom. We gathered in the cockpit with my parents and  our boat neighbor Barry who joined us for the event. Captain Shane read from the pre-written verse that basically asked Poseidon, the mighty ruler of the oceans and seas to expunge the current name (Lattimer & Bailey LTD) from his records. We greatly offered our thanks by proceeding to dump one bottle of Champagne (minus a glass for each of the participants) into the water East to West. Shane then asked that she now be known forever as “Rhythm” and that he guard and keep her safe throughout her journeys, followed by another bottle of pricy Champagne minus one glass each for the captain and the first mate. Then glasses were poured from the next bottle for the wind Gods Boreas (North), Zephyrus (West), Eurus (East) and Notus (South) asking for safe travels. Once those were ceremoniously flung over the side, we were all able to toast and enjoy glasses of our own to celebrate.


We are hoping for some smooth sailing from now on (and not just for the boat projects)!

After one last breakfast with my parents, they hopped on a cramped flight back to MN and left us to our never ending boat chores which for the day was simply to temporarily add her new name to the transom (permanent logo and lettering to come soon).


  1. Congratulations Aimee and Shane. Great to see you in your Happy Place with all the help of your wonderful family. Safe travels, and I will continue to follow RYTHEM as I live life vicariously through your sailing.

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