“You’re so good on the computer”. Yea, I get that a lot when people see me working in Photoshop. I was lucky enough to be taught by someone who was around when Photoshop was launched and he had all of the experience. I’m not an expert, but I do know my way around that program. Which makes the first statement pretty much… false.

I am pretty good at Photoshop and nothing else. I wouldn’t even begin to know how do do one of those spreadsheet things and most of the time, I type an email to myself (for spellcheck) and then copy and paste the words wherever they were intended to land. So no, I’m not “good on the computer”. I’m a luddite at heart. I’ve never used anything but a Mac because that was my first computer in my early thirties and the others confuse me. It’s like driving someone else’s car, it makes me nervous that I can’t just blindly reach to my right and adjust the volume on the radio.

But I’m writing this today to apologize to those of you that were kind enough to comment on our blog posts. I just found the part of my WordPress page that tells me I have messages. Yes, I just got all of them. We sat and read every one of them. We thank you. I’m sorry. I’ve now set my notifications up properly (I hope) and we look forward to a better experience in the future! And thank you Barry for notifying me of the problem!!!!

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