the crew


I knew when I met you, an adventure was going to happen. A. A. Milne

We made a deal. When our kiddos were on their own, we’d try something new. Something for us. It started with a dream, a wish and a plan. Shane’s dream to sail, my wish to see the world and our plan to live a simpler life. It took us twenty years to get here but the time was well spent. We turned our first house into a home. We raised two kids that we think are really cool adults. We made many great friends and memories in our charming Minnesota town. And we had plenty of time to prepare for a new adventure.  So as soon as our youngest graduated from high school, we sold our home and bought a sailboat. And here we are (houseless) with a new boat (our new home) and stumbling around trying to figure out which way is up (hopefully the sails). I’m Aimee and this handsome guy pictured with me is Shane and this is our sailing story…